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In this day and age everything is digital and internet connected, which means it’s at risk for cyber threats. Nothing is safe; keystrokes, telecoms, power grids, government data, automated equipment, communication, finances— everything important to all of our lives and lifestyles, as individuals, corporations, and governments. Everything you type on your device could be stolen, access to your text messages could mean access to all of your internet accounts through 2FA. With new smart appliances, your entire house could be at risk of being hacked. Everyone is at risk of their life being compromised; impersonations, theft, manipulation. On the corporate level this is even scarier, as the scale of potential breaches increases. The more data hackers can access, the bigger the threat. This threat is real and we should all be taking every effort we can to protect ourselves.

Protection is pivotal, and it cannot be done reactively. There are a few steps one can take to deter the majority of hackers. Most are focused on what they can easily break into. The general widespread lack of protections put up against hackers means that a lot is easy for them. Simply having penetration testing done can discourage most hackers. They’ll try with their usual methods, but when they don’t work, they’ll move on to hacking something else. The more knowledge about a network, and the more that is internet exposed, the more attack vectors there are.


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