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Octagon Networks is a global network of well versed and experianced security researchers, software engineers and hackers working together to change the tide against cyber intrusions. Our team is based in San Fransisco, Addis Ababa and remote.

Octagon Networks is an emerging research and development company focused on tackling advanced threats, threat actors and vulnerabilities. We are a group of hackers dedicated to improving security and privacy for all. We publish free security research on commonly used applications, putting every effort we can into sharing our knowledge and helping the world of cyber security.

Our skilled hackers are from various backgrounds and offer unique, civil, and extremely attentive penetration testing, red teaming, code review, and training services. If you need a security team that finds and fixes every vulnerability in your systems internally and externally, please contact us at our contact us page or contact@octagon.net, we will give you a response within 24 hours.


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